Friday, September 21, 2012

Lover's Cross

Well, the media outlets that normally wouldn't touch a story about faith and Christianity issues with a ten foot pole are all atwitter, nattering about an allegation from some very old papyrus bits, that Jesus had a wife.

While I don't entirely know the motivation here, it's reported that it could be a 'game-changer' with respect to   "women's issues" and the definition of marriage, although I haven't been able to make it through the contortions to follow that logic.

In any case, my faith and belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Redeemer is not conditioned on His marital status.  But these days, many strange things are afoot, so maybe someone will have surreptitiously recorded the Lamb of God, and it will get posted on the YouTube.

And while I don't know, and don't particularly believe that Jesus was married, I do know that the late Jim Croce was:


RPM said...

I think the only "game changer" would be with the Catholic Church not allowing priests or nuns to marry.

The Donald said...

Good point. I think it's interesting that a married Anglican/Episcopal priest can become a Catholic priest, but a Catholic priest cannot marry.

One of the priests at my school quit the priest gig so he could get married.

He later died.

Anonymous said...

Wait til' they realize that the was a mistranslation and the word celebate was really celebrate!