Wednesday, September 12, 2012


...the other Canadian power trio.  Heard this on the radio today.

  This, boys and girls, is rock-n-roll:


 Rik Emmett's vocals can go head to head with Geddy Lee's any day, I think.

But, who told him it was OK to wear that, uh, whatever that is?  (Wonder if the Dew has one of those in his wardrobe?)


Dewey Taliaferro said...

As a matter of fact I do, only mine has more camel toe.

The Donald said...

Ewww! Excuse me while I down a fifth of Patrón and a handful of Tylenol 3 to try to erase that mental image...

Jarhead™ said...

I think Rush might have been more well rounded with Rik Emmett on guitar instead of Alex Lifeson.

What's the difference, really? They're all filthy Canadians.

Who make really bad-ass music.