Saturday, November 17, 2012

Is anybody goin' to San Antone, or even Oklahoma?

I see where Charley Pride is appearing at WinStar on November 25.  Very reasonable ticket prices.

As a kid, I think we nearly wore out a couple of Mr. Pride's 8-tracks in my Dad's Scout.

Part owner of the Texas Rangers


RPM said...

Back in my radio days I got to meet and work with Charlie on a promotion we were doing for Texas' 150th birthday celebration. Nicest guy you will ever meet but could not pronounce "sesquicentennial" to save his life.

The Donald said...

Well, it is a long word with lots of syllables - my mother, and GWB, can't pronounce 'nuclear'.

RPM said...

To make it worse, the phrase was "Sesquicentennial celebration". Not quite Sally sells seashell by the sea shore.... but close. We did at least a dozen takes and I wound up splicing a couple together to get it on air. I felt like a jerk asking him for retakes.