Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Rest of the Story

In the past, I've sung the praises of ordering auto parts online from

Today, I was off from work, and decided to take advantage of the great weather to install the new [less dusting] ceramic front disc pads I'd ordered recently.  Got out the floor jack (yeah, I'd so like to get one of those lightweight aluminum ones...) and the lug wrench.  In short order I was removing the brake caliper assembly from its mount, and popping out the old pads.

Into the house for the new pads.

Ruh-roh!  The new pads were about half the size of the old ones.

Size matters...

Those might stop a Craftsman lawn tractor, but not so much my 3400# car.  Knowing I'd carefully screened the selections when I'd ordered them, making sure I got front discs for cars like mine that have front disc/rear drum systems, I readied myself to take RockAuto to task for sending me the wrong pads.

But first I checked the box, and the packing slip, and my online order confirmation.  While waiting for the customer service agent to answer, I went to my order archive, just to be prepared. 

Oops!  Looks like somehow, despite my efforts to ensure the correct part, I'd clicked the button for the part below it.  Although it took a couple of minutes to get an agent on the line (after the English/Spanish/German prompts) - the guy I spoke with had perfect English, and even used some of the same colloquialisms as I do.  He got my information to send email instructions, including a shipping label, to return the parts - turns out RockAuto's call center is not in New Dehli or Mumbai, but in Madison, WI.  I told him it was nice to speak with a onshore customer service rep.

Within three minutes, I had an email with instructions for returning the parts.

Thankfully, the old pads were not yet critical, so they'll be fine until the new ones arrive.

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