Saturday, March 5, 2016

I have sold no wine before its time

  • Tonight's guests on Carson - a show taped in September 1976 - were the inimitable Orson Welles, as well as Orson Bean.  The former noted that the latter was not named Orson (he adopted the Orson Bean moniker as a performance name).
  • The stories that Welles and Carson shared about their radio days were classic.
  • I changed the SUV oil yesterday.  At one point I feared I would have to drive a screwdriver through the spin-on oil filter to remove it, but it finally gave way.  In my automobile owning lifetime, I don't think I've hired out oil changes more than a couple of times.
  • This morning, around 5:30, my I realized my toaster pastry was not so toasted as I'd hoped, so I set it for another cycle, thinking I'd interrupt it before it finished.  But of course it went full cycle, at which time it was nearly more toasted than I'd have liked, so I snatched it from the toaster oven, netting myself a lovely blister on my palm for my efforts.
  • After getting off work today, I stopped by the resale shop.  Haven't been in there in a while, but fortune smiled on me today, as winter coats were selling for 50% off, and I snagged a superb 'barn coat' with corduroy collar trim, and a removable quilted lining, as well as a nice Old Navy canvas jacket, with what appears to be a CC pocket (at least for a compact 9mm) - $10 for both, and some 'as new' Georgio Brutini brown cap-toes for $5.  
  • Also got a Mary-Chapin Carpenter CD for 49¢ that I'm listening to right now.  About half way through, I don't think it's quite as strong as Come On, Come On, or State of the Heart, but still very listenable.
  • I ordered a guitar capo off of Ebay a couple of days ago - I am considering attending one of the local folk music society's meetings when I have the opportunity.
  • A couple of posts back, I mentioned I would enjoy a snifter of Christian Brothers brandy.  While I'm certain that I have such brandy, when I went to decant said spirit into my Antares - Top of the Dome glassware, the bottle I found was E&J, so perhaps I have two bottles.

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