Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday Trivia

  • Fox Business News reports that Tim Cook, Elon Musk, and GOP leaders attended an anti-Trump meeting.  I think it would be reasonable to assume that the former two would just as likely attend an anti-GOP meeting.
  • Michael Bloomberg has announced that he will not seek the Presidency as an independent, citing the likelihood that he would not secure 270 electoral votes, and a desire not to siphon votes from the Democratic candidate.  I'm no admirer of Mr. Bloomberg politically, mostly on 2A issues, but I agree with his analysis of his viability, and for his call for "intelligent, specific and realistic ideas" to be the basis for Decision 2016.
  • There's now a group called 'BoobsForBernie', which seems redundant,  but apparently their thing is for getting acceptance for public breastfeeding. Didn't know that was a front-burner issue, but hey, the wheels are already off in this campaign season.
  • A lady on the video said "Hillary has turned out to be a big phony, and I don't respect her any longer."  Turned out to be phony?  Don't respect her any longer?  Lady, have you been asleep the last quarter century?
  • I would speculate that it's better to wake up late than not at all, but seeing that the trajectory of her catharsis seems to have been to land in Sandersville, I'm thinking that voter is just evidence of Mr. Barnum's premise.
  • A woman in Illinois failed a field sobriety test after another motorist reported her driving her Town Car with a 15' tree lodged in the front fascia. An area blogger would probably dismiss the infraction by saying the road beautification departments plant too many trees in the medians...
  • And the Nekkid News:  A jury has decided that a lodging chain should pay the female sports reporter $55M for its negligence in allowing a pervert stalker to secretly record her.  Although the damage award seems - to me - wildly disproportionate, the decision was the correct one.  To be sure, the primary blame belongs to the creep who was following her, but shouldn't it be common sense that if you're hosting a hot celebrity who's been the target of prior stalkers, you'd think twice about some dude demanding a room next door?
  • Scientists have determined that the iceberg that sank the Titanic was 100,000 years old.  Meanwhile, Democratic lawmakers in Washington have blamed the accident on global warmism, insufficient regulation and inspection of aging glaciers, and have pledged 100,000 'snow shovel' ready jobs for out-of-work cross-country snowskiers to criss-cross Greenland and Newfoundland inspecting the aging glacial infrastructure.  
  • In related news, Greenpeace has demanded reparations for the iceberg.
  • Waiter, I'll have the sage and white wine braised spotted owl, with a snail darter amandine appetizer, please!  
  • Hey, I'm on a roll here...

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mzchief said...

The "snail darter amandine" is what cracked me up....well played.