Thursday, March 3, 2016

Please tell us Joe Clark is coming

  • This morning Mitt Romney will have a press conference on the [sorry] state of affairs in the GOP Presidential campaign.  The Democrats are also in a weird place, but that's another post.
  • You remember Joe Clark from 'Lean on Me', right?  Someone needs to restore order to this contest, and be the adult in the room.
The actual Joe Clark.
  • I chose the real Joe Clark instead of the venerable actor Morgan Freeman, to avoid any irony, inasmuch as the latter is doing voice-overs for the HRC campaign.
  • This morning, Denney Crane has a post item about $10B that's been injected into the energy industry, despite the falling commodity prices of its major component.  Think there's a connection with the fiery SUV crash near Oklahoma City yesterday?
  • The more things change, the more they stay the same:
  • Last night, I watched a Carson monologue from near the end of his career, apparently during the '92 election cycle. GHWB was President, and [WJ] Clinton was the opposing candidate (no mention was made of HRP).  
  • Carson made two jokes about David Duke: 1) David Duke's [primary] campaign is so desperate, he's campaigning in Detroit, and 2) David Duke promises that, if elected, he will 'de-Pip' Motown.
  • He also noted that Slick Willy was targeting the 'swing' vote, noting that the candidate knew how to swing pretty well himself.
  • Back in the day, it would've been considered somewhat a pejorative to be labeled a swinger, but I'm not sure if in today's values-free, non-judgmental times anyone even cares.  We seem to be adrift in a sea of dreck with no lifeboat in sight.
  • Although some of us do still remember the Way.

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