Friday, March 11, 2016

Uncle Fester's Friday

Time to clean up, and update some recent posts and stories:

  • About a recent study finding the Titanic iceberg to have been 100,000 years old, I - tongue in cheek - wrote that Democrats were were pondering legislation to ban icebergs, and was generally being a wiseacre about global warmism.
  • The next day, I saw this article from 1922, when Albert Gore Sr. was still in high school, warning of climate change.  This, of course, long before the exponential increase in automobile ownership, LA freeway smog and gridlock, or the development of Freon-12 (in the 1930s):
  • Of course, that's not to say that our climate isn't changing, just that it's been changing since, well, forever.  We can, and should, take reasonable care to develop clean energy sources and reduce harmful emissions and waste - it's about stewardship.  What shouldn't happen is for a$$hat politicians to use the issue as a pretext to pick our pockets to dole out American wealth to other countries, while lining their own pockets.

  • The Startlegram this morning has an article - also referenced on the circus blog - that some controversial African elephants (17 to be exact) landed at Alliance overnight.  Presumably the controversy is about keeping pachyderms in captivity, although in the instant case it seems that these 17 are unlikely to be victims of poaching, which would've been a concern in their native land, so at least they've got that going for them.
  • It could also mean that some of the elephants were Hutus and some Tutsi - thankfully there was no stampede aboard the flight.  Or maybe they were comparing trunk sizes?  Call HR.  Lastly, all airlines will be serving animal crackers for the next 6 months, as the global supply chain of airline peanuts has been decimated.
  • For in-flight entertainment, the crew played an archived copy of Q-102 tracking Fleetwood Mac's 1979 double LP, Tusk, straight through, without commercials.   

  • Wonder if any of the passengers joined the mile-high club?

Actual photo of final approach at AFW.
  • You totally know I would've painted ears on the transport aircraft, no question.
  • Activists are protesting Joe's Crab Shack for an image that's laminated on their tabletops in Minnesota restaurants that they claim represents a "lynching".  The only problem is that the photo in question is from 1895, and features a gallows in a very public place or town square.  That's a public hanging, not a lynching.
  • News editors apparently don't know the difference between the two, and it's certainly not a distinction that the agitating greenmailers would want to acknowledge.  It's without question that certain advocacy groups ('gimmedats') will line up for large donations to their causes, in order for JCS to properly demonstrate contrition for the alleged slight.
  • In the time I spent typing the last two bullet points, I missed scooping another blogger on the Manziel story.  And I don't care anything about organized sports. Oh, bother.
  • A prior post mentioned that it hasn't been a good year for the Eagles or those formerly associated with them.  Although it was inevitable, I suppose you could include Nancy Reagan's passing in  that grouping, as daughter Patti Davis was the live-in GF of original member Bernie Leadon (who returned to perform with the band 2013-2016).
  • Looking through some job listings the other day, there was a company seeking marketers for its 'Suicide Bunny' line of  'vaping' liquid.  I am not a present or former smoker, though the name struck me as extremely odd, but I figured it probably was an appeal to the warped sensibilities of millennials.
  • I mentioned it to a co-worker, who is such a person, and he in fact enthusiasically endorsed the brand, telling those gathered that the Walter White flavor was really excellent.
  • And this is the world my kids will inherit, where disgusting sounding companies market addictive sludge to kids, named after a fictional meth cooker.  
  • Isn't that special?
  • It's no longer Morning in America - more like Mourning America.
  • I never watched that show (Breaking Bad), but there is a guy at work who looks like the character mentioned.

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