Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday's Tidbits

  • Not really trying to make this a running feature, but some more global warmists are predicting dire consequences in coastal areas by the year 2100.  While there is evidence that warming may be occurring, the fact that it's been happening prior to the massive population explosion of the 20th century casts doubt on human activity being the definitive cause.  
  • As I've noted previously, we should be good stewards of the planet's resources - though not at the point of government edicts, and not by having politicians pilfer our wallets.
  • It irks me that the article, in an attempt to rationalize acceptance of poorly evidenced solutions, sensationalizes the issue by using inflated population figures based on projected growth rates through 2100.  This is extremely disingenuous for [at least] two reasons:  Predicting growth rates 84 years in the future is a wild guess, and secondly, if marked increases in the sea level are observed, populations would organically move away from coastal areas - it's not as though a three or six foot tidal wave will instantly appear January 1, 2100.
  • I don't make any apologies for being an admirer of President & Nancy Reagan.  Not perfect - no President is - but possibly the best President of the 20th century (some might argue for FDR), and almost certainly the 2nd half of that century (with some preferring DDE).
  • In any event, when the former First Lady passed away last week at age 94, it was appropriate - both because it was historically accurate, as well as befitting comments made at a funeral service - that HRC praised Mrs. Reagan's role in quietly advancing the cause of  AIDS/HIV awareness and research.  
  • Nonetheless, petulant prima-donna LGBT activists were outraged with the Democratic front-runner, causing her to immediately retract her comments.  After all, it's apparently one of their central tenets that Ronald Reagan or Republicans in general either caused AIDS/HIV or somehow fanned its flames.  The truth, of course, is that, the syndrome was first clinically observed in 1981 and it took much of the 1980s - coinciding with RWR's terms in office - for sufficient data to be collected to intelligently seek either a cure or life-prolonging treatments.
  • In those early days, it was entirely prudent to advise the public to avoid unsafe behaviors, including unprotected sexual contact and sharing of intravenous needles.  Naturally, the last thing that the agitator classes - any of them - want to hear about is responsibility/accountability.
  • An Israeli hiker has found an ancient gold coin, said to be only the second known example of its kind, dating to 107 AD.
  • Does this one have to go to the Primate Resources office?
A young Gary Hart
  • The Republican front-runner has cancelled some appearances due to the threat of protesters.  Several groups have declared victory, believing their boorish hooliganism will derail the aspirant's candidacy.
  • While I may share the desire for him to not be his party's candidate in November, I probably share little or no other issue with such people.
  • If Trump is to be stopped, it should be by people with better ideas and résumés, and they're not all that hard to find. The protesters ought to understand that, in general, their bad behavior only helps a candidate, and specifically, pushes this candidate closer to a nomination.
  • BTW, I feel the same about the activists who have disrupted HRC campaign speeches with filibusters about Benhazi.  You don't win the day, or elections, by shouting your opponents down.
  • Not that Libya isn't a valid issue and an example of that candidate's failure, but her supporters should be able to hear her position on issues.  If she is the nominee after the convention, there'll be plenty of air time for ads reminding the public about what difference it makes.

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