Sunday, May 27, 2012

And more fun

I don't know if Todd the Blogger made it to the range this weekend, but I did.  That's one of the benefits of not being married - don't have to ask if you can go out to play.

Anyway, there was a nice breeze, and the range wasn't crowded at all.  Expended about a hundred rounds of .22 LR, practicing until I could get 6 for 6 on the falling plates.  After a couple of strings shooting with my left eye closed, I switched to right eye closed.  Unfortunately, the Ruger Standard just would not comply today, as the best I could do with it was 5 of 6.

(Empty chamber flags - weedeater line and flourescent duct tape - required by the range when the shooter is greater than arm's length from his/her firearms)
Oldest son says, and I generally agree, that the Single Six is my most accurate .22 handgun (having the longest sight radius), but today I really enjoyed the High Standard HD Military (resting on the sandbags) the most.

After wrapping up on the falling plates, I wanted to check out a little .243 poodle shooter.  The guy I'd bought it from had provided a coffee can full of loaded ammo from necked down mil-surp .308 brass.  While I would normally be a bit skeptical about shooting someone else's reloads, he had dutifully documented his load data (which I checked on a respected loading manual and found to be within spec), and on inspection of the rounds, I could see that the requisite care had been taken (chamfering the case mouths, turning down the necks, and annealing the shoulders). 

Anyway, I was actually pretty pleased with this five shot group (100 yds.), as the Weaver K-4's resolution on this [25 yd handgun] target with my old eyes was probably about as good as could be expected.  With a 9x or higher glass, I firmly believe I could cover five holes with a half-dollar (technically, I can cover this group with half of a paper dollar).  I think the flyer was the first shot.

My next task is to come up with some powder-puff, light recoil loads for a certain 10 year old, who's been asking me when we can go hog hunting.

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todd said...

Looks like a whole lot of fun! I plan to go this Saturday with some friends who have an SKS plus some other unusual stuff. I'll post pics. Also, kudos for making it through a whole post without saying anything about the Beagles or Don Henley or any other dead rocker!