Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fun Stuff

I mighta had the Buddy L or Tonka version of this as a kid.  Here it is all grown up:

I would like a motorcycle (Suzi V-Strom or Kawi KLR, or a KTM).  But this would probably make more sense.  If the one on the right were white and blue, it would look like my old Hot Wheels Jack Rabbit:

I've always liked the Jeep CJ-8 (Scrambler).  Here's one, ready to hit the lake for some deer-skiing:

Yes, that is a life-size deer effigy standing in the back, with skis.

Now, I've got no venison beef with a buck deer going all anthropomorphic, donning a Hawaiian shirt, and heading out to PK or Eagle Mountain Lake to shake off the rut of the work week and hang 10 (or 8 or six points).  But you know we must live in a toxic culture when some of the anthropomorphic bucks are subscribing to Queer Deer Monthly or Bluebuck and cross-dressing:

Apparently Bambi's not often mentioned uncle.


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