Friday, June 22, 2012

And Another

Which in this context has nothing to do with extracurricular dalliances, rather, referring to the moral decay which has infested even once hallowed halls.

Seems that classlessness is not limited to newcomers, as evidenced by news today that invited guests at a 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue gayfest thought it would be cute to pose, middle fingers raised, below the official portrait of the 40th President of the United States - a man whose sense of decency and rectitude compelled him to always wear a suit jacket in the Oval Office.

Of course, within a couple of elections (, I shan't), it was known as the Oral Office.  While the Left assiduously assailed the intelligence of POTUS 43, W did not demean the Office.

Apparently, one of the LGBT activists was miffed because "Ronald Reagan has blood on his hands," he said. "The man was in the White House as AIDS exploded."

So, we're to understand that Ronald Reagan, not rampant casual circus-sex¹ relations, propagated the HIV/AIDS virus.  Somewhere, in some Twilight Zone parallel universe, the activist's statement may make sense.

But I doubt it.

¹ No offense intended to RBB&B

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