Friday, June 22, 2012

Paradigm Shift

I wrote a 'Happy Juneteenth' post earlier this week, but chose not to publish it, lest someone get an incorrect impression.

Nonetheless, I had noted that my 'people', as best I know, came to this country post-War Between the States, and pre-Ellis Island.  They weren't slave owners, and also weren't necessarily huddled masses - just folks coming to build a decent, respectable life.  By the 1920s, maybe earlier, my great-grandfather (whom I never met as he died when my Dad was three) was Chief of Police of a small midwest town.

Immigrants today don't seem to have the same desire to assimilate, or to maintain a semblance of decorum/respectability:

The navy blue shirt reads "-*-- all Cowboy Haters"
the * being the Dallas Cowboys Star

Somehow, I don't see #74 Bob Lilly wearing that shirt.  Ever.

Stay classy, Señor!

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