Sunday, June 24, 2012


As noted in Friday's post, I've recovered sufficiently to attempt mowing.  So Saturday I mowed my yard, as well as most of a relative's yard (about three times the size of mine).  With a 22" push mower.
  • I found that the best methodology for starting the machines was to hold the pull rope with my [mending side] hand, and push the mower away with my left.  My mower (Honda-powered), and the other Briggs-engined, both started on the first pull, for which I was most grateful.
  • This morning after church, I returned to finish another 50'x60' area, plus a bit of bar ditch.
  • This evening, informed by RPM's cautionary tale comment, inspired by every 'get back on the horse and ride' motivational speech, and unfettered by common sense, I dusted off and mounted (don't get your pulse racing, Dew) the two-wheeled machine of death.
  • My goal today was to condition myself to favor the rear brake and build that into 'muscle memory'.
  • Having already pre-programmed 9-1-1, Lucas Funeral Home/Laidlaw Waste Services into my cellphone, I cautiously started my ride.  About a block from the house, the loop of my right shoelace meshed between the chain and drive sprocket - but with the cool and calm of Charles Bronson, I back-pedaled, coasted to the curb, and double knotted the laces to keep them  out of the way.
  • I rode within a quarter-mile of the creekbed where I'd wiped out last weekend, but on account of the two still functioning brain cells, opted to keep [mostly] on pavement today.  During the ride, I passed through about 3 ginormous 'clouds' of gnats - yielding me as much protein as a Whataburger Double-Double, but without lettuce and tomato.
  • Keeping in mind how much I could safely carry on the handlebars, I stopped by the grocery store for some odds and ends on the return trip.  While I was there, I went to the restroom - wiping off about three dozen gnats that I hadn't ingested from my face and neck.
  • About a block from the house, I realized that out of the 15, 18 or 21 gears, I'd used exactly one for the approximately 5 mile ride.
  • Give me the yellow jersey!
  • Or Sheryl Crow...

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