Monday, June 25, 2012

The Next Generation

Part of the Summer Series, in which Pastor Brandon proves he is not cool, dogging on his father-in-law's appreciation of The Beach Boys, and admitting he listens to...Bieber.  Bieber!  That just ain't right.  And he derides those who think quality music ended with the '60s.  It didn't, of course - it ended with the '70s.

The message that Brandon was trying to get across was about our responsibility to pass the faith from generation to generation.  Of course, not being cool, he totally missed that this was exactly what Messrs. Buckingham, Fleetwood, and McVie (with the missus), and Ms. Nicks had chronicled regarding the chosen people's recognition, after crossing the Jordan River, God's promise of faithfulness the next generation, namely: "I can still hear you saying you would never break the Chain."

Well, I suppose Fleetwood Mac in the late '70s got its inspiration more from a mountain of white powder than from the Mount of Olives, so the above paragraph may [duh!] be largely fanciful.  Nonetheless, the point is valid that in accepting God's gift, we are obliged to teach and share it with the next generation.

Summer Series - Next Generation from Keystone Church on Vimeo.

Back to seriousness.  In the dialogue between Brandon and youth pastor Rob Patterson (begins @ 30:00), Rob shares the heartbreak of an 8th grade girl whose mother drops her off at the mall, saying "Get out of the car, whore!" (33:00), as well as the hope that that girl will hear an entirely different message, surrounded by Christ's love, at Keystone.

Let us be the salt and light to the broken world.

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