Saturday, June 23, 2012

Retractions, errors, omissions, corrections and updates

Or, just general miscellanea.
  • East of Jackistan¹, between Wizard Wells and RAB, there are a couple of lovely ponderosas - one on the south side of 114/380 (closer to Vineyard), and the other on the north, nearer RAB.  Both appear to have clear, spring fed tanks.
  • Now that the Shiner dad who dispatched his daughter's rapist has been no-billed, and the Penn State assistant coach has been convicted, maybe child molesters will get the message that that kind of stuff isn't well regarded by decent folks.
  • The Startlegram reports that a well connected woman helped someone dispose of a body.
  • Well, duh!  Everyone knows the old axiom: "Friends help you move - Good friends help you move bodies."
  • Supply your own caption:

  • I don't think "Transition" refers to the photochromic lenses.
  • Update: Regarding the hawt [married] blonde who emailed me awhile back about being inattentive for not noticing her in her black Corvette convertible - Daughter and I saw her [and her husband] at the home center last weekend (she came over and gave me a hug) - and finally, I saw her a couple of times in the Corvette on the way home this week, and waved.
  • Ya suppose Bo, Sara, and Dori Belle are enrolled here?:
  • Neither is Sienna.
  • Correction: I recently wrote that I thought Grant Stinchfield may have attended my high school.  I meant Brendan Higgins.  And I still don't know for sure - I didn't attend reunion weekend earlier this month, so didn't get to ask anyone.
  • I sort of think I understand internet cookies and the notion that the interwebs track interests in order to push advertising they think will interest you.  What doesn't make sense is that my IQ-challenged phone sends me crawlers about helping Barack Obama get re-elected or downloading the latest Nicki Minaj track.  Hop-Sing, Sam-Sung, or whoever built my phone - are you really paying attention?
  • When I first saw this, I thought maybe it was one of those laundry places that attracts customers by serving beer, as in 'Laumdronat' could be the slurred pronunciation of Laundromat.  But it doesn't say anything about beer.

WWDHS - "Give Us Dirty Laumdry"?
  • Not sure the [Free Admission] Washing Machine Museum's gonna make my bucket list.
  • (At the MW Vietnam Veterans Memorial) This is the hugest walking stick insect I've ever seen.  Daughter, who is never afraid of anything, was reluctant to pick it up:

Stick, you're in the Army now.  Try to blend in...

  • From about three weeks ago - One of the first graduates from BNHS:

  •  Out near PK, we saw some deer wandering through an RV park.  Though I missed the exact moment, this one came up and licked Daughter's hand:

The deer whisperer

¹ h/t RPM

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