Friday, March 15, 2013

Festival of Friday

  • This post is certified Dennis Rodman-free.
  • BON posted an article about a Milwaukee Marine/CHL carrier who interrupted an assault.
  • Lots of good information in that article.  My initial thought was "If the guy was a Marine, why didn't he just kick the bully's a$$?"  But it turns out the assaulter was a pretty big dude.
  • The Marine wasn't looking for trouble, but, having driven up on the scene, couldn't just ignore it.
  • He called the cops, and properly showed his credentials when asked.
  • No shots were fired.  It was a textbook perfect case of why Americans choose to uphold the right to self-defense, whether against common thugs or tyranny.
  • As in the real world, not all cases will have perfect outcomes.  The police response was on target - they're not encouraging vigilantism, but they recognize citizens need the means to protect themselves and each other responsibly.¹
  • Another HuffPo article bashes Paul Ryan for staying on message, after 2012, suggesting that the election result invalidates any concerns for the country's financial health.  
  • It's not the conclusion I would draw.
  • Surprise!  Michael Moore's desire to publish pictures of Newtown victims' bodies is not popular.
  • I read a lot of Yahoo! News articles on my phone.  It's not uncommon for several comments in a row to be "...blocked by the administrator."  I don't know if it's because they have a touchy administrator or really crazy commenters.
  • The skeleton of a medieval knight has been unearthed in Scotland. They can find Richard III, Henry IV, and a knight - from hundreds of years ago - but Jimmy Hoffa is still missing from 1975.
  • I have ruled out finding him in my garage.
  • RPM posted a cool Sunset pic yesterday.  This one, from Florida, is also cool:
  • Supposedly, someone related the above to the selection of the new Pope.  Regarding composition, focus, and use of color - advantage RPM.  But catching an angel-shaped cloud (assuming it's not been 'shopped) is pretty awesome, too.
  • Random pic - Hayden Panettiere next to a tricked out, stretched and jacked, Excursion:
hayden panettiere short
Hey, was she the model for the cloud?
  • I went to bed early last night, with a medical concern that I thought might require a trip to the emergency room.
  • This morning, I felt much better.  Staying home from work, I went to the doctor mid-day.  He said the situation (abdominal hernia) was not critical, and gave me the name of a surgeon if it continues to give me issues.
  • I don't like staying home from work, but the down time allowed me to prepare, and put up, several meals' worth of tasty vittles.
  • HuffPo Celebrity thinks Jeffrey Tambor looks like the new Pope:
Pope Francis Doppelganger
  • Yea, kinda.  But then, if you shaved off his beard, so would Todd the Blogger, who would've made a good Baptist Pope.
  • BTW, Todd, I got a 30% off Kohl's email coupon today - in case they accidentally deleted you from their files.
  • Leave it to Beaver is on TV in the other room = good times.
  • No, Good Times was on in an earlier time slot...
  • Dy-no-mite!
¹Edit - Following another news outlet's article on the same story, reader Gerald Dick made the following comment/observation: : "Let's see did the guy stop beating the woman because of the violence against women act that just passed congress, or the former marine holding a gun on him till the police came to take him away? You decide!"

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