Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Sunday!

  • On my email, a sidebar frequently pops up with Stuart Smalley's picture.   I don't know why.
  • On one of the electronic dating services, the woman's hobbies/likes ran together forming the unlikely: "I'd like to get my pilot's license Horseback riding"
  • She might: a) Be the first, b) Be a truly inspired Steampunk inventor, or c) Really dig Pegasus.
  • From a company website offering cool wooden ceilings:
Bob Villa?
  • Is he Pancho's grandson?
  • Bob Vila, formerly of This Old House, with many cameo appearances on Home Improvement, bears a strong resemblance to Bobvilla. 
  • A friend emailed the following video clip, stating that it was from a surprising source:

  • I emailed him back, noting that it was refreshing, but not shocking, as my first recollection of hearing the term "The Second Amendment ain't about duck hunting!" was from a Roy Innis essay or broadcast nearly 20 years ago.  I don't think I can give this message any better than this video.
  • BTW, I checked to make sure this was a recent press conference.  It's from February 22, 2013.
  • Wanna fly into the cuckoo's nest?
  • If that entire structure was originally an insane asylum - that's a lot of crazy people.
  • This weekend's services noted that contemporary society has a strange way of celebrating St. Patrick, who brought Christianity to the Emerald Isle.  Later, at Wally World, I saw these t-shirts:

Your mother would be so proud if you wore this... 
  • Everyone knows that finding the gold requires a combination of green beer, crack, and the magic leprechaun flute.
  • I think there were four employees running the entire store, at 9:30p on a Saturday - a woman by the sporting goods counter/key machine had been waiting 15 minutes for an associate.
  • As well, Mother Hubbard's ammo cupboard was bare:
  • 'S okay - I can roll my own.
  • My church band sometimes performs secular songs.
  • They recently did this one (also featured on SNL last night):
  • Todd the Dog Blogger has a very eloquent post about closure following trauma, in this case divorce:  It was 3 years ago today that she left me and I still have a hard time believing it sometime. I am having a hard time right now just writing her name. I don't want her back but I miss her every day. I also don't need anybody's comments. I just need to say goodbye. It is not what I want to do. It never was. Goodbye Rhonda.
  • I understand completely, and although I sometimes [outwardly] reference the poignancy of Thank God and Greyhound, I agree there's not a day I don't miss her, my best friend, frequently think of things I would've done differently, and occasionally wonder if anything else would've resulted in a different outcome.
  • For those of you in relationships - I pray you take the time to express your appreciation of your spouse/significant other.

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