Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday's Trivia

  • Last evening, just as I was ready to turn in for the night, I let the dog out to do her dog business.  In the meantime, I put some dishes in the dishwasher, along the way spilling some water on the counter, causing me to take a minute or so extra to wipe it up.
  • When I went to let the dog in - no dog!
  • Not in the backyard, nor the front.  So I walked a few houses up and down the street.
  • Then I drove around the block.  Three.  Times.
  • Again, backyard, front yard.  No.  Dog.
  • Of course, I'd taken her collar off recently to give her a bath/shower.
  • Finally resigned that she'd apparently gone on an extended walkabout, I was about ready to turn out the lights, but instead I called her from the front porch.
  • Tail between her legs, she came slinking across the front yard.
  • I think she knows I was cheesed, because tonight she's been staying close to me and giving me that "I'm really your favorite dog, right?" look.
  • HuffPo proves once again they're idiots.  Opening paragraph: Recent Korean history reveals a sobering possibility: It may only be a matter of time before North Korea launches a sudden, deadly attack on the South.  And perhaps more unsettling, Seoul has vowed that this time, it will respond with an even stronger blow.
  • "Perhaps more unsettling"?   Please!  Heaven forbid that a country should fight back if attacked by a two bit dictator.  Is HuffPo suggesting South Korea should simply capitulate?
  • From the intersection of nature and technology: the Phoenix Herpetological Society has fitted a disfigured alligator with a prosthetic tail to enable it to function more normally.  The reptile lost its tail fighting with another gator.
  • Now, I don't know anything about prosthetic alligator tails, but for a consumer report on inflatable tail, we go to field correspondent Dew...
  • It's clear I'm getting old - I'm listening to the TV news from the UHF station featuring Tracy, Suzy, and Troy.
  • Is it just me, or does this car look like something an Android emoticon would drive?:
  • Other bloggers wrote recently about strange dreams.  Last Friday night, I dreamt my house had a basement I'd somehow forgotten about.
  • A 7500 square foot basement/parking garage, with room to park at least a half dozen cars.  It had two really cool racing boats down there, a fully equipped machine shop, a photocopier, key duplicator machine, and 15KW diesel generator.  I was really tickled because I couldn't imagine how I'd forgotten I had a basement.
  • Oh, yeah, there was also a room between the main floor and the basement that I discovered and was going to transform into a media room.
  • No, I went to bed totally sober.
  • Saturday, oldest Son texted me, asking if I wanted to go to the shooting range.  He wanted to sight in a rifle he'd bought recently.
  • About 45 minutes later, he came by the house with his girlfriend.  We loaded up gear and went to the range.  When we got there, we found that a match was pre-empting other uses of the facility.
  • However, they invited us to shoot in the falling [steel] plates competition.  We've done those several times before, but never competitively.
  • Since we weren't sure exactly where our rimfire handguns were shooting, another member loaned us a tricked out dot-sighted race gun, which was kinda fun.
  • Son showed his GF how to shoot a 1911 .45 ACP.  And another shooter insisted we shoot his immaculate S&W  bobbed hammer K-38 "Target Masterpiece".  Very sweet revolver.  Son's GF did very well - her first time to shoot handguns.
  • Son and I finished out the afternoon launching .277" projectiles (me: 100gr - him: 130gr) on the 100 yd range.  His new rifle is very lightweight, and he was shooting heavy loads.  Mine is more traditional & heavier, wood-stocked, and I had prepped a few light varmint loads.  We're gonna have to do some more fine tuning to get groups we're pleased with.
  • Coming in two weeks @ Keystone Church:
Once Upon a Time
  • Pastor Brandon said wearing of camo would be encouraged.  Wonder if he'll mind if I use my duck call for "Amens"?
  • I'm liking the time change for once.
  • Daughter told me some time back that her Mother said I'd not been sufficiently appreciative of her (Mother, not Daughter) .  Possibly so.  And here's a HuffPo article that may be correct, and makes the case.
  • Stopped at the dollar store today to buy a few things (I was looking for generic Aleve, but they were out).  When I was in line, I thought I had five items, but when the cashier rang up my purchase, it came to $4.25.
  • I shrugged it off and walked out to my car.
  • Then looking in the bag, and then the receipt, I saw the cashier had missed an item - a retractable USB-iPod charging cable I'd bought for my Daughter.
  • Free USB cable! Lucky me!
  • Not. So. Fast.
  • I picked up the cable and my receipt, and headed back into the store.  My original cashier had gone off station, so I approached another and told her I'd not been charged for the item.  Although I think she looked at me a bit quizzically, she rang up my purchase.
  • Yeah, no one would have noticed, and they're a large corporation.  
  • I think it was an answered prayer from this morning.  God tests, Satan tempts.  Keystone Church always asks God to entrust His broken people to them.
  • I guess I figured "How can I be entrusted with a large responsibility, if I fail on a small one?"
  • Yet I also know the flip side of the coin - how difficult is it do the right thing for only a dollar?  Will I be able to do right when the cost is higher?
  • I don't know, but I pray so.


RPM said...

Well played on the USB cable. I'd have done the same thing. I'm odd about little stuff like that, but karma never forgets.

My name is not Earl, btw.

aroundthecorner said...

You did the right thing. Most importantly, you did the ONLY thing. You stated recently about meeting people out in public that you'd never met before. I remember our first(only) meet. I was very pleased to have gotten to meet you finally, and had you not have approached me, I would have never recognized you. That said, I immediately felt that you were a trustworthy and honest guy. I'm not wrong very often. We need to do that "shooting" thing together one of these days. I might let you shoot that "bad name" gun with all the armament hanging off the barrel!
ps: I just looked down at the letters : gungsd

The Donald said...

Mike - Several days ago I couldn't remember the name of that show for shucks! That was, IMO, one of the best show premises in the past 20 years - next to Ed the bowling alley lawyer.

WW - Sounds great! Todd and Dew and I were going to get together and do that recently, but it didn't happen. Last Saturday, I had also wanted to test some .357 loads I'd developed specifically for my lever action (which should approach 1900 fps in the carbine bbl), as well as some experimental .30-30 rounds I'd built using some 168 gr Nosler ballistic tips (not suitable for loading through the tubular magazine).

Unfortunately, the Range Officer was going off duty, so we ran short on time.

Anonymous said...

This is investigative reporter Dew here, coming at you live from Acme plastics.
I have been doing an extensive investigation on these so called "inflatable tail" dolls showing up in various local zoos and certain government employee's private residence.

The original use of these so called "inflatable tails" were to compensate for the growing demand of restaurants serving alligator tail and the resulting tailless alligators left to just bob up and down in the water.
Now these "inflatable tails" have created a nefarious use by certain single men in the Keller TX area. While not technically illegal, this activity is certainly frowned upon by even his closest of friends. Here's hoping that these "inflatable tails" are used for more honorable needs in the future.
I'm the Dew, reporting for Blogger news.
Back to you Don

The Donald said...

I'm kinda skeptical that the preceding comment was actually penned by the Dew, as the real Dew has his own avatar these days, and there are too few spelling/grammatical errors for this to be authentic Dew writing.

The Donald said...

Secure communications have reached the editorial desk here at S116, confirming that The Dew was, in fact, the author of the comments above.