Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday whispers

  • I'm kinda wiped out tonight.  I had a headache and took an Excedrin equivalent - which helped - but I think I'm going to turn the lights out early.
  • Daughter's mom sent this text last night:
  • I think it's the first molar she's lost.
  • Have you ever noticed the doors on the Toyota Tundra?  The front doors have horizontal handles, that you lift up.  The rear doors have vertical handles.  I've seen that arrangement on the Nissan Xterra SUV, but it looks odd to my eyes on a pickup.
  • Just south of Harris Methodist today, I saw an operating construction crane with a horizontal boom the length of a football field.  I felt like a five year old with a Buddy-L truck - I could've parked and watched that for a half-hour, and would've been mesmerized.  I'm sure working that equipment requires amazing concentration and skill.
  • Today's lunch: JITB's Hot Mess burger, featuring melted pepper jack cheese, sourdough bun, sauteéd onion rings, and jalapeños.  The takeaway?  Tasty, but messy - I think I'll stick with Swiss & 'shrooms.
  • A pedestrian was walking on the NE 28th Street bridge over the railyards between Decatur Ave and North Main.  Crazy - there's no, nada, none, zilch sidewalk there.
  • More craziness in the world - an elementary school kiddo was suspended for two days because he chewed away his Pop-Tart, leaving a shape of a - shudder - gun.  Can some of these school administrators pull their heads out, please?Über-crazy - Parents in South Florida are outraged because a fill-in-the-letter spelling assignment of three letter words like b-u-n, s-u-n, f-u-n - also featured a picture of a g-u-n.  The same kids probably watch hours of violent TV and play video games, but their tender psyches are gonna be warped by a spelling assignment?  As John Stossel says: "Gimme a break!"  
  • Not to miss a chance, I'll throw in an Eagles quote as well: "Get over it!"
  • China reportedly is chock full of ginormous empty cities.  Weird.
  • Last night I mentioned that folks often confide in me.  I also find that I'm apparently approachable - strangers come up to me all the time to ask questions.  Just this afternoon, a woman drove across a parking lot to ask me something.  Certainly it can't be that I appear knowledgeable.
  • Conversely, I can start a conversation with just about anyone - some might say I could converse with a cinder block wall - or talk it into submission.  You notice that the Berlin wall is no longer standing?
  • I don't take offense though, because I know a few people who could start arguments with walls.
  • During this past weekend's sermon, I wrote down the phrase "applying motive to misunderstanding" from the message.  I seem to see a lot of that - people attributing ill will to things that they just don't understand.  I try not to be guilty of too quickly judging others' intent.
  • Women wearing jeans or tights tucked into their boots is a good look - though it kinda depends on the woman.  I saw one today who was totally rockin' that look.
  • My rechargeable electric can opener died years ago - I could've replaced the Ni-Cd batteries, but I'm  trying to simplify (albeit too slowly), and so I've been using a simple metal opener.  
  • I broke down today and upgraded to a geared hand opener - the old one was too slow and required too much effort.
  • In other cutting edge news - the TSA will no longer confiscate small penknives with blades under 2-1/2 inches.  Yahoo news reports that 9/11 victims' families are "outraged".
  • Really?  Have they had time to poll the victims' families?
  • Near my office this afternoon, I observed a young, sort of Bohemian, couple crossing a busy intersection, holding hands.  He had a knapsack over his shoulder, with lots of pins/adornments on the strap, and a scarf/muffler.  She wore a sweater and pink sweatpants, and was carrying a large (24") stuffed animal.   I was at a loss to surmise what their situation was - not that it's any of my business.
  • Lately, I've added 1/2 teaspoon of Brer Rabbit molasses to each gallon of iced tea I make.  Not sure why.  Some supposed health benefit that I can't remember.

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