Friday, March 22, 2013

Phriday Phlashback

OK, so while I was watching The Woman In Red, I got the idea to look through the vinyl collection for the soundtrack LP I know I bought back when (I found one, but it was still shrink wrapped - who knows where it came from - as I know I played the one I bought).

Along the way, I saw CTI Summer Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl (July 30, 1972: Grover Washington, Jr., Stanley Turrentine, Deodato, George Benson, Freddie Hubbard, Airto, Ron Carter, Bob James, et al).  As I was already in a sort of nostalgic mood, I went to the kitchen, found a snifter (yeah, it was one of those Antares/Top of the Dome ones - I know it sounds cheesy - all I could find on short notice) and poured about a finger of E & J Gallo Brandy (didn't have any V.S.O.P.) into it.  I dimmed the lights and allowed the brandy to breathe, set the tone arm on vinyl, and plopped myself onto  the sofa, Sienna hopping up right after to rest her head on my lap.

The intoxication of brandy wafting into my nostrils, the darkened room, and solid - but not deafening - SPL, caused the DeLorean speedo to hit precisely 88 miles per hour, and instantly I was transported through forty years - to a warm summer LA evening - as I sat in my jeans and boots, listening to great '70s jazz.  The only things that would've improved the experience would've been: Sitting in an oversized, distressed leather highback chair with ottoman, watching the 10" Pioneer reels go round-and-round, lit by the glow of a McIntosh tube amp:

Ooh, aah!

Oh yeah, baby!

I know you probably expect me to say I wanted to drive all this stereophonic delight through some Bose 901s, but, honestly, I've never been dissatisfied with my loudspeakers, though I wouldn't look a set of Carvers in the mouth, either.

Well, side one is through, as is my brief time-out-of-mind.  Back to the future, maybe after a detour past Maynard & Ferguson.

EDIT:  I caught RPM peering in my windows last night, and ripped this photo from his InstaMatic:


RPM said...

Why does the Maxell commercial come to mind?

todd said...

I know what Bose and brandy are but I'm pretty sure I didn't understand another single word out of this whole post. To RPM: when does anything come to Don's mind that makes sense to mortal man?

The Donald said...

To RPM: when does anything come to Don's mind that makes sense to mortal man?

Hey, I just write what the voices tell me to...