Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Help me out...

  • Is it just me, or is this shirt playing tricks with my eyes?

Indoors, with incandescent light

Outside (in the car), in sunlight
  • In the bedroom, with clear incandescent bulbs, it looks like a medium taupe or faded cranberry, but outside, it's clearly green.  What gives?
  • I think it was in New Hampshire where Bernie Sanders was running a campaign ad featuring Simon & Garfunkel's America.  Absolutely brilliant!  Heck, watching it, I was ready to vote for Bernie.
  • Until the commercial ended - then I of course remembered I don't vote for Socialists.
  • I received my AAA battery holders for the planned repair of my auto-darkening welding helmet, one week after ordering them.  For some reason, the Ebay seller in NJ denominated the sale in CAD.  Interestingly, my purchase of 10 holders cost only about $5 US and included the shipping, which came via FedEx/USPS.
  • Oldest son texted me this picture from the FWSSR, with the message "It's cool seeing something you personally did at the Stock Show":
He says the beadlocks are not so bad,
if you know what you're doing. 
  • I haven't been to the Stock Show since 2013.  For several years, I attended, work related, and always enjoyed it.
  • Got a haircut last Friday.  Saturday I woke up with my hair looking like a pointy fauxhawk, but after a shower it was normal.
  • A molester should not try to steal more knives than he can carry:
  • Somehow, I don't think "Shaunna" is the girl for me:
- Hello there.. ... Really hope you have thought of those things you let me know, in that old dtng cite where we had a chat, but I didn't like it much there. I just basically hope to come across real men and have lots of fun, instead of typing my life away, lol. With the help of my co-worker I put all my atfo at |luvblwjobs] |c0m] get at -lzyzuu6780- there... there; pls put up your photo so I will know you. Hit me back soon, I can t wait to have some fun !!

  • No, I never had any 'chat' with any 'Shaunna' on any dating site/'cite'.
  • Will Michael Bloomberg, if he runs, be 2016's Ross Perot?  My sense is that he would siphon votes from the Democrat side if he does.
  • I have some favorite jeans where the zipper is missing a tooth, right near the bottom of its travel. Some time back, I handstitched several threads across the tracks to keep the pull thingy from going so far as to go off track. But after dozens of wearings and several washings, my fix was no longer up to the job. I figured out an easier hack: hot glued the zipper just above the break, and pressed the zipper flap against it - now the pull thingy has no way to go off the track. 
  • Carson the other night had 'Hanoi Jane' on, wearing the hippie-dippiest outfit.  Apparently it was 1977, as she was pitching her movie Julia.  On the same episode were Orson Bean and comic Skip Stevenson.  Orson Bean is still alive - his daughter is Andrew Breitbart's widow.  Stevenson, who looked like Richard Carpenter's brother, died in 1992.
  • Driving to Denton on Monday morning, Jody Dean suggested that the Eagles could invite Jackson Browne or J. D. Souther to fill out their line up.  Has he been reading MWB?
  • To clarify, I was driving to Denton.  I assume Jody Dean was in a Dallas studio.
  • In anticipation of my physical exam today, I have been eating oatmeal and healthy food lately (not that I indulge in much bad food).
  • I told the doctor's assistant that I knew he wouldn't find Jimmy Hoffa in there.


el chupacabra said...

Did you ever think there would come a time when you could start a sentence with the phrase, 'So, I was hot gluing my zipper the other day and...'?

The Donald said...

Well, not so much. Of course, there are a lot of sentences I never thought I'd utter - many seem to find their way onto this blog.

I was a bit the daredevil inasmuch as I performed the procedure while wearing said jeans. However, as I am not one to go commando, I did not recreate the title to Vincent Furnier's 1982 album, Zipper Catches Skin.