Friday, January 22, 2016

Oh, I wish we weren't such Oscar [Louis B.] Mayer whiners...

  • If it weren't serious, the current presidential campaign's embrace of social media would be laughable.  The back-and-forth Twitter and Instagram snark bites between candidates seems more apropos of a 6th grade student government election than leader of the free world.
  • I don't remember in what decade I last watched the Oscars.  I don't watch, because I don't see that many films when they're first released - it's just not a big deal to me.
  • Will Smith will apparently acquiesce to wife Jada's request that he boycott the awards show, on account of the Academy did not vote for any actors/directors of color.
  • Here's an idea: Why don't BET, Jet, the wet pets and Dr. Seuss release their own objective choices for the movie winners, instead of just carping that there's not enough inclusion, blah, blah, blah?  Then, they could be on the record for exactly who they think is best, instead of sniping from the shadows.
  • Obviously, whether a movie or actor has Oscar nominations or awards has no effect on whether I will watch a film - except maybe The Sound of Music, which I will watch almost every time it airs.
I lived in Austria in junior high school, and hiked/backpacked
 in the Alps not so far from where this was filmed
  • Has anyone heard Michael Moore scold the Washington DC officials, and ask for resignations and indictments of the Mayor and POTUS for their roles in not protecting the district from the snowstorm?  Yeah, probably not.
  • A resale store owner in Redmond, WA, called the police because someone dropped off a bag of dresses that included a KKK robe and hood.  She believes it was an act of intimidation.  She could be correct of course, although Redmond seems a quite unlikely hotbed of Klan activity.  Not trying to spin this, but maybe it was a symbolic surrendering of the items by someone who decided that the KKK doesn't fit in the modern worldview.  Who knows?  Edit:  Some of the comments following the article - notwithstanding the dolts asking "how much does she want for it?" - suggest that maybe it was donated by a widow who didn't know how to dispose of it, or, that the shop owner planted it to get some pub for her store.
  • If I were the shop owner, I'd donate it to a local community theatre group's wardrobe department, for use in Larry Shue's The Foreigner, a farcical play depicting the thwarting of a racist plot.
  • I portrayed the Rev. David Marshall Lee in an 1990 or 1991 area production of the play.  After its initial run, our troupe played two weekend performances in Jefferson, and then two in Dallas at the Grand Theater.
  • My last, and probably favorite, stage role was as Elwood P. Dowd in 1991.  Oldest son was born the next year, and priorities changed.
  • I still have the portrait, stored away, depicting me (Elwood), with [a kind of menacing looking] Harvey over my shoulder.  At the time, I had to use theatrical silver hairspray to age my temples for the role.  Now, I'd have to use Just for Men so as not to look like Elwood's father...

kwazy wabbit...
  • I never won a Tony Award.  Boo-hoo.
  • [cue tiny violins]

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