Friday, January 22, 2016

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  • ...just words and some pictures¹.  I was tired last night and thought I'd saved it in [Miller Genuine] draft form only.
  • If anybody remembers Pat Boone, he would pick a Trump/Fiorina (or Carson) team to run against HRC.  I agree with him about Fiorina.  Carson may be a good cabinet pick, but he's not a forceful leader, and at this stage, not right for the job.
  • I think there are two or three better GOP standard bearers than Trump.  On the Democrat side, I wouldn't entirely rule out a dark horse candidacy for Biden, in the event HRC gets dragged down by DOJ or Bill issues, and the DNC steps in and says "no way in hell" Sanders will be their nominee.  It already seems almost likely the RNC may do the same regarding Trump.
  • "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."  Many years ago, we mocked Dean Wormer's authoritarianism, just like all those '60s hippies, counterculturists, musicians and other artists instructed us to do.  But after a couple of generations of those kind of values, and seeing where it's gotten us, I'm in agreement with the Dean.  And it kind of gives some insight - maybe - into why Trump is getting more support than any of us imagined (but he's still not my choice for President).
  • While I still enjoy coffee occasionally, tea has become my morning beverage of choice.  Of late, I've become quite fond of Chai latte, made with vanilla almond milk and sweetened with Stevia.
  • No, not from Starbucks - you think I'd pay those prices?
  • Mulder and Scully are on Kimmel tonight, talking about how they did or didn't actually get along on the set.  Kind of déjà vu, having watched Cybill Shepherd on Carson last night (from the late '80s), describing the antagonism between her and Bruce Willis.
  • Moonlighting is the next TV show that Antenna TV or ME TV should bring back.  I could watch Atomic Shakespeare every week.  Plus, there's that great Al Jarreau theme song.
What chick wouldn't dig a dude with a sunglasses-wearing Mr. Ed?

She doth, she doth.  Ahh, wedded bliss - at least until the gag comes off...
  • I saw Al Jarreau and Chaka Khan Chaka Khan in July 1987 at the Starfest grounds at Park Central, with a cute girl from my church.  The relationship never really developed, but it was a near perfect evening, eating grapes and cheese from the picnic basket, and driving home with the T-tops removed from my 280-ZX 2+2.
The top one is a reasonable approximation of the one I owned, 
but my paint matched.
  • Tell me something good?  You may not gonna like this, but Chaka Khan is not as hot as Madeline Kahn was, IMO.
  • I mentioned the Playboy mansion in a recent post.  Now comes word that the self-proclaimed First Amendment champion (but in reality a low-life slimeball) founder of another skin mag has offered...wait for it...something quite a bit less than $100 million for the property.
  • This past week I received a fancy-schmantzy package "An Exclusive Offer for Our Future Driver" from BMW.  Addressed to me.  Their data mining company should fire its assayist.
¹ Apologies to Bernie...

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RPM said...

Caught that episode of Carson. Man, that show holds up even with dated material/guests.

Was a huge fan of Moonlighting and you are correct about Atomic Shakespeare. I watched that episode sitting on top of a Nevada mountain during a snowstorm back when I was trucking. I always stopped to watch Dave and Maddie.