Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Importance of Being the Earnest T. Bass-o-matic¹

  • Continuing on the theme of  'it's a strange campaign season', HRC has tried to bring the Oscars' diversity topic - or lack of same - up as an issue.  Maybe the circus blogger is right - we're at idiocracy.
  • I could not care less what a presidential candidate - any of them - thinks about the Oscars.  It has zero relevance to the office to which they aspire.
  • BTW, I noticed that The Pursuit of Happyness, garnered Will Smith an Oscar nomination in 2007.  He lost out in that category to Forest Whitaker's portrayal of Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland
  • I had no idea Idi Amin was from Archer County.
  • This afternoon at the supermarket, I ran into the lady who hired me, as a 20-year old college kid, to work the afternoon drive shift at the local bank.  While I have aged quite a bit and matured just a little, she still looks as lovely as ever.  I texted a mutual colleague of the chance meeting, who responded, in agreement, saying "Sugar wouldn't melt in her mouth."  
  • We both lamented that banking as we practiced it doesn't exist anymore.
  • My town has one each of the blue and orange home centers, but we still have a real hardware store (as well as a respectable Ace Hardware).  You can even find these there:
In a few weeks, this area will probably be reset to 
make room for the baby chicks.

One of the few places that has more
knives than I do.
  • Since I'm not running for office, I can comment on entertainment news.  Michael Douglas said in a recent interview, about his reconciliation with hot wife Catherine Zeta-Jones: "I don't think there's much chance of fixing a relationship if one of you is already out the door."  True that, brah.
Looking quite like the old man.
  • He's not quite as old now as his father was when he appeared in this video (title mis-spelled).
  • I may watch a few minutes of the GOP debates.
  • No Nostradamus I, I am finding it interesting that there continue to be new news stories, with regularity, about Mitt Romney, as he is not a candidate.  The American Conservative ran this piece today about George Romney.
  • Affluenza kid is back in Texas.  Over lunch a couple of weekends ago, former FIL likened Ethan Couch's parents to the parents at the school where his daughter teaches.
  • Lastly, Ammon Bundy has finally told his followers to go home.  If he had read MWB and followed this blog author's advice, maybe that other guy would be alive, and they could go home to their own beds.
  • ¹Weird, Wilde stuff, right Ed?

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