Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday's Mission

  • I've not historically been one to carry a clip knife, but since early summer, I have acquired four:
Aren't they cute?
  • Oddly, I still carry a pen knife and a pocket knife (when I'm wearing jeans).
  • There's a lost verse, sometimes referred to as Genesis 2:3(a), that says that after creating the Heavens and Earth, and kicking back to rest, God opened a bag of hot pork rinds.
  • Some Biblical scholars dispute that account.  I think ISIL removed it.
They taste even better when you get a big bag for $.50
  • The full Sean Penn interview aired on 60 Minutes last night.  Man, that dude's brain is fried.  I know he wanted to make some kind of point about the 'war on drugs', but his discourse was so disjointed, rambling on about El Chapo being a human being, yadda-yadda.
  • Let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya, that should end the cartel violence, no?
  • It sounds like The Chapo might not have even known who Penn is, but wanted the chance to meet la mujer caliente Kate del Castillo.
  • Not necessarily related, but it's reported that the cartel kingpin had some elective surgery while on the lam.  In construction terms, the boom on his crane wouldn't raise.
  • Sienna got her shots yesterday.  Normally there is a line for those weekend clinics, but I walked up, paid and got heartworm tablets, and within two minutes she had her shots, and ten minutes later her paperwork declaring her to be HW-N.
  • An old colleague of mine, a few years more experienced, had a large family reunion at Thanksgiving, during which they had a group photo taken, with their kids and grandkids.  After the first photo, the photographer had a puzzled look, and requested a re-take 'just to be safe', and then another.  Later, the photographer told them that he/she didn't want to alarm them during the shoot, and showed them the thumbnail images: Over his and his wife's shoulders, in the middle of the shot, were two white oval 'orbs'.  They had lost an adult son, and her father during the year.
  • I'm not into the paranormal or anything, but seeing the image caught my attention, as he's not known to be a practical jokester or such.
  • Penthouse magazine is shutting down its print version.  Apparently you can get nekkid pictures of wimmin off the interwebs these days?
  • I've never subscribed to, or bought, a Penthouse or Hustler magazine.  I did buy a 25th Anniversary Playboy issue, featuring Candy Loving, from the 7-11 at the corner of Grauwyler and Story Road in Irving.  I'm sure Mom has probably cleaned it out of the attic.
  • A few years later, I was taking flying lessons, and sent in one of those college magazine postcards to get a subscription to Plane & Pilot, and had it delivered to the bank where I was working.  Well - and let this be a lesson, kids - I should have had more discernment between the lowercase "l" and the uppercase "I", because - you guessed it - I got a Playboy magazine sent to me at work. I was horrified.
  • I got it switched over to Plane & Pilot before the second issue mailed.
  • The Startlegram mobile version this morning had a headline saying that Democrats are unfriendly to gun owners.  The article is gone now.  Maybe because that's not news?
  • Over the weekend, and still up, is another article calling OC 'Much Ado About Nothing'.  Obviously, my Bardian sensibility applauds their recognition of what many had already predicted.  I'm not so naïve as to believe there will never be any OC mishaps, but I do think that having a greater concentration of lawful carriers - some doing so visibly - will give pause to the bad guys.  As well, maybe it will prompt more open conversation about gun safety - what constitutes good, or bad, carry technique.
  • I think that in the 20th century, as the culture urbanized and fewer people were raised with awareness of firearm safety, talk of guns outside the 'gun culture' became stigmatized.  As Hollywood glorified gun violence, and purchases went through the roof, many in the younger generations had little knowledge of proper gun handling.  Maybe OC will be the catalyst for re-nornalization of gun ownership.
  • Have not yet personally seen anyone OC-ing, though some people at the local home center told me they saw a customer carrying last week.
  • I'd like this yaqui slide (with some border tooling) and these grips:

  • According to Rolling Stone, [babe] Trisha Yearwood is going to portray the Virgin Mary in a TV musical "The Passion".  No word whether McConaughey will play 'Walkaway Joseph', or if Henley will sing harmony vocals.
  • Global warming will likely be an issue in the November election.  Hot opinions on the subject are all over the map.  Does it exist or not?  If it exists, is it man-made?  If it's caused by mankind, can it be altered?  If it can be altered, how?  I don't disagree that there are some common-sense actions we can take to mitigate deterioration of our environment, but I get kinda steamed when some politician tells me that we simply must shovel hundreds of billions of US taxpayer dollars to the  POTUS' homeland or other third-world countries. Even assuming global warmism is real and we can 'solve' it, how the hell does that fix anything?
  • Of course, the nit-wits keep trying.  Apparently, some enviros taught a gorilla to implore world citizens to save the Earth, in sign language.  Gorillas may be intelligent primates, Dr. Zaius, but they're not noted scientists or philosophers.
  • When politicians or causes use children or animals to justify their schemes, I say watch out.
  • I mention often that I watch old TV reruns, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I like all the old TV shows.  For example, I enjoy the old B&W To Tell the Truth, but not the Bert Convy and Bob Eubanks game shows of the '70s.  I don't care for Hogan's Heroes, Emergency, or CHiPs.  There was part of an old Martin/Lewis movie on yesterday, and I didn't pay it any attention - a Dean Martin roast would be something else.


RPM said...

Man I h-a-t-e that style of .45 holster. It just looks unstable as hell.

Not a big fan of the old game shows like I've Got A Secret or What's My Line, but I do love watching Match Game on BUZZR (27-3). That show was greatness and really pushed the envelope of what could get on the air. Most of the double entendres went over my head back in the day. It's a trip to see everyone smoking on camera. Good Lord we used to smoke a lot.

Unlike you, I love Emergency! reruns. KMG-365...

The Donald said...

I like the holster's looks, especially if it had some border tooling, but agree it would be better if it had some form of retention device.

Mentioning Bill Jordan in my post, I found that he'd been on To Tell The Truth, as a contestant, in January 1958.