Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An argument that settles nothing

From Guns & Ammo online:

Think Venola is trying to look like 'The Gunner's Guru' with that hat?

It's probably about as hackneyed as NASCAR's "Ford or Chevy".  (I own two Fords, but I wouldn't say that makes me a Ford guy.)

1911 or Glock?  (I don't own a Glock, but based on owner loyalty, they must be doing something right.)

9mm or .45ACP for self defense?  (Here again, I don't currently own a 9mm, but have heard it said that it's adequate if you're protecting yourself from malevolent Europeans, but on the light side for American perps.  I don't seem to hear any criticism of the .40 S&W.)

.30-'06 Springfield or .270 Win.?  Seriously?  .270, of course.  Although even Jack O'Connor is reported to have said (according to Jim Carmichael) in his later years that the .280 Rem. might be a better cartridge.

Winchester or Marlin?  Another no brainer.  See, this is kinda like Hanes vs. Jockey.  The Hanes have leg openings a bit on the generous side, so from time to time your junk may fall out one side or the other.  When you operate the '94 lever, the entire top of the receiver is open and unsupported, and half of the rest of the mechanism drops out the bottom.  Jockey has a smaller leg opening, and a pouch panel in front, to keep stuff where it belongs.  Same with the 336/.444/1895 action, which is fully enclosed, rugged, and operates smoothly.

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todd said...

I'm pretty sure I disagree on every point. Glock, 30.06, Remington and my junk falls out anyway.