Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mid-week musings

  • Since I'm not personally an entrepreneur, I'll leave it for others to be indignant, but it's a mind boggling thing to me that this country's President says that successful people didn't earn their success.  Did Young Dr. Frankenstein swap his brain with the Vice-President's?
  • It's also fairly comical watching the WH damage team try to spin the story that he was 'taken out of context'.  The logical contortions they have to create have an Alice in Wonderland quality to them.  Those folks are gonna be plumb wore out by election day.
  • An online Startlegram headline reads that " columnist [William] Raspberry dies..."
  • Really?  The guy was twice nominated for, once awarded the Pulitzer Prize.  He was a journalist and wrote columns for the WaPo, syndicated to more than 200 papers.  And yes, he was also black/African-American.
  • I don't remember any headline reading "White newsman Mike Wallace dead at 93".
  • The term 'mutual mystification' came into my lexicon this past week (and you thought I drove an Infiniti).
  • In the context, it referred to the notion of the interchange between a salesman and his prospect, after a presentation, in which each praised the other, looked forward to doing business together, yadda-yadda, essentially blowing smoke up each other's [skirt].  Of course, no sale was made.
  • It reminded me of much of the business and economic reporting these days - lots of words, but little information.
  • Kinda like my blog, but not so acceptable in a respectable publication.
  • A woman who works for a prison, who held her daughter's naked boyfriend at gunpoint in a closet, has had charges against her dismissed by a judge who quoted singer-songwriter Jim Croce.
  • The boy mighta been better off by just saying "I love you" in a song.
  • My goal in life is to see a Supreme Court decision quoting Don Henley.
  • Suspicious package?  This guy probably doesn't care a thing about Marlin vs. Winchester.  That junk gonna fall out regardless.
  • AmazonLocalDeals in my inbox today features discounted Kickboxing classes.
  • Great!  Wonder if they also have some deals on suitcase-sized boomboxes?

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