Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Well I'll be jiggered...

It seems that Jarhead's outfit (notice I did not say 'former', as it's understood - Once a Marine, Always a Marine) has contracted with Colt Defense to produce some 4000 newfangled M45 Close Quarter Battle Pistols for our warriors.


My, my.  Does that not bear an uncanny resemblance to John Moses Browning's Model of 1911?

Why yes, I reckon it does.  Apart from the CeraKote-style finish, beavertail grip safety & Commander hammer, BoMar type rear sight, accessory rail, and goofy looking grips (so I'm partial to exotic wood grips), its innards are essentially - possibly totally - identical to my SS Series 80 Mk IV.

Now don't that just beat all?  And in an adult caliber, no less!



todd said...

It didn't say but I assume it's a .45? I don't care for the white finish but otherwise I like it!

The Donald said...

Between the M45 designation, 1911 form, and being for Marines, not pansies, it'd have to be .45 ACP.

Read a review the other day on a Steyr (the other Austrian handgun) in .357 Sig. Will have to see if Cabela's carries them.

Jarhead™ said...

I have never really been a fan of "colored" guns. I mean unless it's a sniper rifle or something. the bulk of the firearms I own are just regular ol' black. I have one stainless 1911 and it's a big fat pain to keep clean.

My $.02. That is cool-looking though. Just not for me.