Thursday, July 19, 2012

How cool is this?

From Taylor & Company/Brownell's.

Conversion cylinder to allow firing of .45 Colt cartridges in Ruger Old Army cap-n-ball revolver.  Viewers of Pale Rider may remember Clint/The Preacher using a similar [Richards] cartridge conversion in the movie.

Unfortunately, it costs quite a bit more than what I paid for the revolver.  They also have them for popular repro Colt and Remington blackpowder six guns (as does Cabela's, as well).

Edit: Cabela's sells spare/replacement BP revolver cylinders, but not cartridge conversions.


todd said...

I don't know much about all that but your link to the gun identification website is crazy addictive!

The Donald said...

Yeah, I stumbled on that just looking for a Pale Rider illustration - didn't know such a website existed, but it's way cool.