Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly wrap

  • I came home from work Friday and took a nap - I think I got some bad burritos.
  • There are still honest people in the world.
  • A friend is involved in an upcoming movie about sportsmanship.  And life.
  • An email prayer list from a church where I sometimes attend study groups solicited prayers for a brother who is witnessing to a Jehovah's Witness.  My mind conjured up scenarios for witness vs. Witness.  (Yeah, I occasionally read Mad magazine as a kid - maybe I was thinking of Spy vs. Spy.)
  • Perhaps they could have a Witness-off, sort of like a dance-off.  But one of the denominations does not allow dancing (interestingly, it's not the Jehovah's, which only prohibits public suggestive or immodest dancing).  That won't work.
  • Then I thought it could be like a poker game: "I'll see your John 3:16 and raise you a Romans 8:34."  Another no-go - neither allows gambling.
  • Finally, I imagined theological ninjas battling it out.  But the thought of Indiana Jones possibly being nearby told me that perhaps wasn't a good idea either.
  • Rats! - In any event, I hope the discussion went well.
  • I don't remember the last time the JWs came to my door.  The Mormons, er, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, do come around from time to time.  They seem to be a little touchy about the 'Mormon' label, but we visit amicably.
  • Is there enough punishment in Hell for this guy?
  • I'm height/weight proportionate (6'1", about 198# - trying for 192), but I'm not 'buff'.  Maybe there's still hope in the romance department.  (The charts say I am incorrect about the H/W thing - when were they printed, the 1950s?)
  • Oh, no!  Another teacher involved with inappropriate contact with a student?  ;-)   Say it isn't so!
  • Doing background for that last bit, I learned that Welcome Back Kotter ran at the exact same time as my high school career.  I also did not know that Gabe Kaplan is now a big time poker tournament player and commentator.
  • Thankfully, this is not video from Corner's Mexico trip zip-lining.
  • It's fair to say I'm not much into the Olympics.  But I am proud of this lady.
  • In the late '60s and early '70s, my Dad was a competitive skeet shooter.  He learned wingshooting from dove hunting in the fields in southern Kansas as a kid.  He's not a 'trick-shooter', but I would wager that even today, in his 70s, he could hit better than 90 of 100.
  • Back in the day, our fireplace mantel was lined with trophies for 100-straight.  I used to reload some of his shells - back before progressive presses.
  • #1 Son caught a 5# catfish at Eagle Mountain Lake last week:

  • Said catfish promptly became fish tacos:

  • I was once skinny like that.
  • Same son has also been promoted to apprentice mechanic in the shop where he works.  Plus, he's registered for his fall Aviation classes.
  • Several days ago I was thinking about a Kingston Trio live album, recorded in 1966, near the end of their career in a three week engagement at the [then] Sahara Tahoe.  Because their label, Capitol, had already released live recordings, the two LP set was offered on Tetragrammaton Records.
  • I'd been meaning to research Tetragrammaton, to see what other artists they represented.  It turns out the label was founded by Bill Cosby and a couple other guys.  Its roster included Deep Purple, Pat Boone, Bill Cosby, The Kingston Trio, and some other acts I'd never heard of.  It went bankrupt in 1971.
  • But it was my research on Jehovah's Witnesses that finally tied all of this together, as I learned only today that Tetragrammaton is the term for the Hebrew theonym YHWH, which we know as Yahweh.
  • Isn't the Google cool?


todd said...

Wow. We got all of that from googling JW's? No wonder your stories are long. Your research takes forever. Oh, and fat kids on rope swings are funny!

The Donald said...

Yep, guilty as charged, you know me, I tend to take a weak premise, then lard it all up into a huge, convoluted, behemoth story... ;-)