Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Judge Roy Bean for President!

Over this last weekend, Daughter suggested we view The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean.

My protest was brief non-existent.  The following night, she brought out Three Amigos, during which I fell asleep - but not to worry there, Jefe, as I can pretty much recite the entire screenplay anyway.

Bob. Is. Bad.

You can't not like a movie that has Andy Williams singing the theme song, can you?

Here, Bob learns a lasting lesson about impugning the character of Miss Lilly Langtry.


RPM said...

Highly underrated film.

The Donald said...


Insanely talented production: Written by John Milius (later an NRA director), directed by John Huston. Supporting roles by Pam Ewing & Ray Krebbs, Bobby Trippe (interestingly, JRB was only Beatty's second film role - his first being Deliverance), Norman Bates, Mike Hammer, 'The Bookworm/Cornelius', Mrs. Rooney/Hughes/Shaw/Sinatra, Cathy, and of course, Butch Cassidy.

I'd say that's pretty strong.