Thursday, July 5, 2012

Z-max for Old West Zombies!

Surely the last post is sufficient evidence of the coming Zombie Apocalypse, if you haven't already been roped in by all the Guns & Ammo articles.

Over the weekend, I was treated to a recipe for cylinder-sealing plugs for blackpowder percussion revolvers (to keep the cylinder gap flash from igniting adjacent chambers - generally regarded as a bad thing).  My host showed me some of his DIY creations that he uses in his [repro] Colt Walker and 1860 revolvers.  They were a dull red or pink, due to a crayon being part of the recipe.

Well, last night I put together a trial batch, and made a cutting die from a [Wolf] steel .45 ACP  case with an oval cutout in the sidewall.  In use, they're pressed over the top of the seated round ball or conical projectile, prior to priming the nipples.  The small batch I made just about filled an Altoids tin:

So, I may have used a lime green crayon in my recipe, just in case James Denton & Chris Kattan and that kinda hot Indian chick need some help with the next old west ghost town zombie outbreak.

I'll be their Huckleberry...

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