Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Der Stingelhoffer

A friend at work recently apprised me that he was a Sting fan.  After some initial derision, like randomly quoting 'every cake you bake'  - hey, what're friends for - I allowed him to make his case for why he was not a nerd.  So, yesterday in the break room, he pulls up the studio version of this song, with lyrics, and I was adequately persuaded that he is not entirely undiscriminating musically.

Last night I found this duet version which is sonically and visually more interesting, IMO.

Even though much of my musical palate  (if you are thinking "he should've written palette", you are mistaken; if you would've used 'pallet', you are possibly thinking about industrial rock) was formed in the '70s, I was not the Police fan.  Probably not so much into his 'new age' stuff either, but his sparse jazz arrangements do spark a resonant chord, for me somewhat evocative of Ronstadt's Nelson Riddle sessions, though with less instrumentation.

h/t: Eddie

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