Friday, May 20, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts and Friday's Reflections

  • Yeah, I couldn't find a good alliteration for Friday...
  • Veteran CBS newsman Morley Safer has died.  One of the original 60 Minutes correspondents, he was also one of the best.  The end of an era.
  • I read on Combat Kevin's blog that Venezuela is in imminent danger of collapse.  The late President Hugo Chavez used to delight in tweaking the U.S., but the country's economy was overly concentrated on petroleum exports, and the global collapse of oil prices - combined with rampant corruption - has led to a debilitating inflation spiral.
  • An article the other day suggested that former Olympian formerly Bruce Jenner may be having doubts about her conversion.  If I get insomnia, there's a thought to help me fall asleep.
  • The Trump knows who downed the EgyptAir flight with 66 aboard.  Or so he claims.
  • Sure, we all know who tops the suspect list.  But Trump, the master social manipulator, uses the puffery to advance his candidacy.  I read that DJT actually embraces comparisons with Phineas Taylor Barnum.  
  • Go figure.  This is shaping up to be the strangest election year ever.  
  • There was a Nebraska guy on Carson last night who rescued a disfigured goose that lacked feet and made some makeshift shoes for him.  Tragically, Andy the goose was murdered a couple of years later.  The next guest on the show was Martin Short, who walked out with a caterer's warming tray, which he placed on Johnny's desk.  It contained - you guessed it - a large fowl...with shoes.  While it wasn't hilariously funny, you know that PETA would be all over that if it happened today.
  • A news article about a supposed Nazi nuke research facility.  I say 'supposed' not because I doubt that the Reich was pursuing military exploitation of the atom - it was all the rage at the time - but because the news source seems a bit vague and iffy.
  • Commenting on another blog made me think of Catherine Bach, then Barbara Bach (but not J. S. Bach), then Ringo Starr.
  • I tried to find a version featuring Joe Walsh (sometimes part of the All-Starr Band, and now brother-in-law), but it was embedded in a full length concert, and Walsh's performance was unremarkable.
  • All the hot women want me.  Abella Danger (could that be her real name?) emails: hru, do u wanna see sum hot pics of my gorgeous butt? Just sms me @ nmbr - +1 xxx~291~xxxx. After that, wish hook up with you at your place so we can bang xx.  And Amaya Miller writes:  I'm a young and beautiful gal with big boobs. 2get my nudes and 2have a chance 2make out with me, just txt my number that's 1 xxx 933 xxxx bb.
  • My foot is better since the other evening, but probably not so well that I should risk a romp with these lovelies, huh?


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I cannot believe Amaya is 2-timing me!

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