Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

  • Bloggers more eloquent than I have posted Memorial Day tributes, including Brigid, Denney Crane, and the Liberally Lean guy.
  • The latter has also posted Bill Kristol's prediction that an independent candidate could enter the 2016 election mêlée.  Never at a loss for tweeting, the presumptive for-the-time-being Republican candidate has lashed back, as one would expect.
  • Only in an election cycle with BHO as the incumbent President, and HRC as the Democrat front runner could the Mouth of Manhattan have possibly garnered as much support as he has done.
  • Or, have the media been gleeful accomplices?
  • One notes that the long knives are starting to come after DJT, and wonders to what extent his [possibly false flag] candidacy has been abetted by the pundits seeking interesting copy.  I'm suspecting his run has just passed its apogee, and much turmoil - with or without the participation of  'spoilers' - awaits the candidate.  Corroborating evidence?  Adverse news about his defunct University, nagging questions about his transparency and ethics, lack of specificity in policies, and generally lacking the demeanor of a Head of State.
Much coverage of the candidate has focused on
 his turning criticism into surging poll numbers.
  • Kristol hasn't yet named the would be independent.  The list of possible candidates is pretty short, and many suspect that WMR is who he has in mind, inasmuch as Gary Johnson is with the Libertarian (large L) party, and not independent.
  • No The Donald le Carré I, I'm nonetheless not convinced that DJT and HRC will carry their respective parties' banner come November.  While 'The Bern' has not overtaken the former Secretary of State, the fact that he's still a contender telegraphs considerable weakness of the leading candidate. The possibility of continuing adverse DOJ action, coupled with internal unrest at the DNC, the 'safest' candidate for that party would be the sitting VP.
  • Enough politics.
Are Dutch Deer prevalent in Tarrant County?
Do they wear little wooden cloven shoes?
  • An inattentive mother at the Cincinnati Zoo let her special snowflake wander into the gorilla exhibit, resulting in a primate's death.  Dr. Zaius may have been smarter than Dr. Spock.

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