Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why Not Wednesday?

  • BLM catalyst George Zimmerman states that he auctioned his Kel-Tec 9mm to ensure HRC doesn't get elected in November.
  • Huh?
  • Dude, I don't want HRC - if she is her party's nominee - to get elected either, but I don't think your support for her opposition is in any way beneficial.
  • If GZ had any sense, he'd just be grateful that a jury found him to be within a couple of gnat's eyelashes on the lawful side of lethal force usage in Florida, and he'd go crawl under a rock somewhere for the rest of his days.  Heck, if he were even semi-decent, he could do some PSAs or a lecture tour advocating for people to use better judgment than he did in conflict avoidance and resolution.
  • This week we learned that a second officer tried on murder charges in the Baltimore death of Freddie Gray has been exonerated.  The first trial, which concluded in December, was supposed to be a watershed event for the politically motivated prosecution (which rippled from the wake of the Zimmerman trial), which hoped to create a domino effect with his conviction.  Except that he was declared not guilty.
  • At the time, some questioned whether prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, who no doubt hoped her dog and pony show would propel her into the upper stratosphere in the Democratic firmament, would continue with the remaining five trials, given that what she believed to be her strongest chance for a conviction had failed miserably.
  • Now, the fan blades at least seem to be getting a little yucky, as she's no longer the left's darling as her sham strategy seems to be unraveling.
  • CBS news, and the Wall Street Journal report that young adults are increasingly staying, or returning, to their parents' homes, at the highest rates observed since before WWII.
  • My empirical observation, if that includes 20-23 year olds, is that the stories are true.
  • I'm obviously not the most interesting man in the world, and because I often drink tea in the evenings, I get up during the wee hours to wee.  And sometimes I don't.  Last night I didn't.  This morning when I arose to lope my lizard, it was an event that would've made Seabiscuit proud.
  • Like extinguishing the Chicago fire, or flooding the 9th ward.
  • Here, have another:

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