Sunday, May 1, 2016

For he's a jolly good fellow...

Apparently one of my Pay Pals was concerned for my online safety, and sent me this kind notice:

We see unusual activity in your account, we give you the opportunity to do the PayPal's dispute resolution process.

We see unusual transactions in your account, so we suggest you to spend less than 5 minutes to complete the resolution process.All feedback as well as other information confidentially and privacy. PayPal's is currently producing a new rule to make our costumer still feel safety, PayPal's recommends you who is active in the currency of payment online via PayPal's, please feel free to re-post the data verification. We aim to re-register and maintain all the information to you.

I of course am grateful that they keep costumers in mind.  No theatrical production goes well without their skilled efforts, even though I have not purchased any costuming accoutrements using the payment service, or any at all for that matter.  And I always like to feel safety.

Seems legit, right?

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