Sunday, May 1, 2016

I had a dream...

   As I was navigating my ancient bones down the aisles of the Kroger on a hover-round after church¹, I heard a song on the PA that caught my attention.

   The melody sounded vaguely Beatle-esque (Carry That Weight?), but I couldn't place the vocal, and ruled it out as being new P-Mac material.  So of course I engaged the power of the Google, and discovered that this was not some decades-old song (although it is from a decades-old artist).

   Lynne really stuck the landing on this one, released late last year.  And from perusing the comments following the video, apparently I wasn't the only one to hear a Fab Four resemblance.

¹ OK, my bones aren't really ancient - just a nickel over a half-century - and I am by God's grace fully ambulatory.