Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday's Twinkles

  • To no one's surprise, the gay pastor in Austin who accused Whole Foods of adding a 'homophobic slur' to a cake inscription has recanted his story.  It was abundantly clear to most thinking people from the beginning that it was a scam.
  • The gay is not something that interests me - not that I've tried it, mind you - and I tend to be a bit curmudgeonly when its proponents try to push the line from acceptance to making all people celebrate gayness 24/7.  Nonetheless, despite having not much in common with such proponents, the blame in this episode is the individual's, and not the movement's.
  • I haven't heard yet whether WFM will drop its lawsuit against the guy or not.  I'm guessing they will, out of mercy, and because in this time it's good optics.  If I were the CEO, I'd be pained by it, but would drop it - for exactly the reasons just mentioned.
  • Adventures in Shaving, Part III: I bought some cheap 4 blade razors last week - not such a good buy.  So this week I was on the shaving aisle at Kroger, and saw some genuine Schick razors on sale: 3 x Quattro, plus a bonus Hydro-5 (which I've already found to be an excellent shave).  The Quattro is actually a pretty good everyday razor.
  • I wanna know where da gold at.  Turns out, it could be coming to Texas.  Special leprechaun flute sold separately.
  • It started sprinkling as I left the house - before dawn - and stopped not long after I arrived at work.
  • Just the other night, oldest son and I were discussing the 10mm auto.  A couple of days later, I got this article from a G&A email.
  • I did not know until last week that AA and Al-Anon were not the same thing.
  • Probably fewer than five times have I carried a concealed handgun on my person, either in a jacket pocket, or in a SOB IWB carry.  Just the other day I learned I had done the SOB carry wrong.
  • The firearm's starboard side should be away from the body, not toward it.  This allows a fluid drawing motion without the need to reposition one's grip, and also helps keep the muzzle pointed away from one's self.
  • Also the other night - probably after discussing 10mm auto handguns - I played some classic vinyl cuts for my son from the transformative Waylon & Willie, Wanted: Outlaws, and Ol' Waylon LPs.  Hot music critic opinion: Waylon's cover of Gold Dust Woman pretty much sucked, but his Whiter Shade of Pale was not bad at all.
  • Some day I would like to build a screened-in sleeping porch.

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