Friday, May 13, 2016

The late great Karen Carpenter

   For no known reason, this song crossed my mind this evening:

   Back in the early '70s, an 8-track with this song resided in my Dad's IH Scout 800.  We used to spend some weekends at our neighbor's 'ranch', which was located 4-5 miles NW of Barton's Chapel in Jack County, where we kept some horses.  I remember we had a 2 year old stud-in-training named Skipper, who one day poked his head through the open passenger window and pulled an 8-track from the player.  I also remember, a few years later after we returned from Europe - before I had a driver's license - Dad would let me drive the K-5 Blazer west to the ranch on FM 2210 from TX-199.

   A few years ago, I was driving near that area, and noted that the southern edge of the property appears to be dotted with wind turbines, along a ridge line running east-west.


el chupacabra said...

While at work last week sometime the subject came up of the Carpenters in general and Karen in particular. It was interesting the number of 20 somethings who knew about them by name- not just recognized their music. The conversation caused me to look up a video I heard of that was made shortly before she starved to death. She was too weak to hold her head up without physically supporting it with her hand.
I was also reminded that she was a really good drummer- so good that Buddy Rich thought she was good. She considered herself, A drummer that sang.
I was going to write a post on this subject.
I guess I just did!

RPM said...

Was a big Carpenters fan as a kid. I think her's was the first celebrity death that really affected me. It was such a waste.