Friday, May 27, 2016

Fickle Friday

  • The venerable Mr. Crane has reported that our current President is purchasing a retirement home just two miles distant from the one currently provided by his employer.
  • Heck, I know of lots of people who would probably pony up to buy him some nice digs 6000-8000 miles from where he lives now, if he would promise to stay there.
  • Not necessarily related, but in the interest in keeping my traveling readers safe, I'm passing along this tidbit: Don't travel to Gambia.  
Like, is that a map or an illustration from Gray's Anatomy?
  • The leader there, Yahya Jammeh, whose name purportedly translates from the Lakota to "works in his pajamas", is apparently pretty cranky. Unsubstantiated reports indicate as a teenager he was president of the Idi Amin Fan Club.  Neil Young would not like him, as he has been known to order live fire into groups of demonstrators, if they pi$$ him off.
I would gladly send a fondue pot - postage paid - as a 
housewarming gift if these buffoons would move into his palace.
  • Maxi Mini.
  • Chinese factories are ramping up production of fake Trump masks.
  • I made a most excellent batch of tuna salad yesterday: 3 diced HB eggs, 2 cans of tuna in spring water, 1/2 diced red onion, 2/3 diced Granny Smith apple, 3 tablespoons Miracle Whip, tablespoon horseradish sauce, chives, mustard/celery/chia seeds, salt & pepper.  You could steal my recipe and make a fortune at your own sandwich shop. 
  • Farewell and Godspeed to another from The Greatest Generation.  Rest in Peace, Sir.
  • I have recently reported my enthusiasm for the Schick Quattro razor, which also features a single blade at the top for getting in close below your nose and mustache area.  Nice feature.
  • Uno, dos, tres, Quatro:
  • Yeah, I have that LP.  But you probably already knew that.


mzchief said...

WHY!...WHY!...WHY, Miracle Whip and not Hellman's Mayonnaise?

(All this while I thought you were a man of discerning tastes and sound judgement.)


The Donald said...

Yeah, sure, I could have gone the safe route and used Hellman's, but I like the tangy zest (zesty tang?) afforded by the MW. Besides, it was the light variety (as well as what was in the fridge at the time...). ;-)

mzchief said...

I love tuna salad. Since I maintain a low carb diet, I usually eat TS with a handful of heirloom grape tomatoes. I made your TS with chia seeds and Hellman's (I just couldn't bring myself to put MW on the shopping list.) To achieve the "tangy zest" I added a couple of light scrapes of lemon zest. My Mr. is not a fan of canned tuna but was really impressed by your recipe when I "forced" him to give it a taste. His reaction: "If my life ever takes a horrible turn and all there is to eat is canned tuna, this will be the tuna salad I'll eat. Actually, it's pretty darned good." Truly high praise from a man who really doesn't like tuna. Your recipe for TS is the new "house recipe" for MY tuna salad. Thank you.

The Donald said...

Thank you, MZ! I think I'll try the lemon zest idea on the next batch - that sounds good.